SCUBA Diving Blissful Bonaire
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Diving the Helma Hooker
 Underwater Ruins

Going down on the Helma Hooker - it's just fun to say isn't it? We read that this wreck was located at around 100 feet, so we began finning our way to it, keeping an eye on our depth gauges. I happened to look up and notice that we were just about ready to smack head first right into it. With its huge gray hull lying toward shore, it blended right into the surrounding.

Hooker Tarpon

A school of Tarpon was also present at the wreck. Wrecks always give me the willies, so I'm sure the way they hovered like motionless ghost, with eerie silver eyes was not really intended to be so ominous. I did envy their perfect buoyancy.

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