Turning Our HC 33 Into Our Home Sweet Home
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Wiring the Marine Stereo and Speakers
All men come equipped with at least one of three accessories – a reclining chair, a big screen TV, and/or surround sound. With no room for a recliner or monster television, Don claimed he wasn't feeling a bit dispossessed. But all I had to say was “Wouldn’t it be nice to have speakers in the cockpit?” to give him the excuse he was waiting for to install surround sound.

We checked out some Bose speaker systems, but couldn't quite justify the space required for the base. Our next thought was to purchase some high quality speakers from an automotive audio store, but upon further research we discovered these mobile boom-boxes require high-powered amplifiers, and often need to have backup batteries to handle the amperage. It was back to the internet for more research.

Cockpit Speakers

We happened upon a set of component speakers by Polk audio. The tiny 1” tweeters are barely visible, and the woofers and sub-woofer fit nicely in the salon and settee. Don did not display the same amount of hesitation over cutting big holes in the teak that he had for the Tank Tender. I guess it’s all about motivation. He made very good progress in getting this installed – and I eventually got my cockpit speakers too. We moved all our music to an iPod to free up space, and everything got wired into our Jensen stereo. With the tunes turned up on our 11 speakers, we are now capable of calling whales!


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