Becoming People of the Sea
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Galley StoveBecoming People Of The SeaGalley Gadgets
or 'Kitchen' in Land Lubber's Terms
Our ship came equipped with a 12 volt refrigerator with a freezer about the size of 2 loaves of bread, a 2 burner propane stove with oven and the highly recommended, deep double sink. We have a pressure fresh water faucet, a foot pump fresh water faucet, and spray hose, and a salt water hand pump. We also have a small microwave that - although some hard core sailors frown upon it - is sometimes more practical for quick heating than burning a bunch of gas with the stove not to mention warming up the cook.Diana Reynolds in the Galley

All of the teak below was in fantastic shape, and we couldn’t help but be drawn to its beauty. I selected fabric that blended the warm browns and dark greens of the interior and sewed curtains and matching pillows. The interior of our ship just glows when the sun light shines through them. Many thanks to Marie for the use of her ancient sewing machine. It may have been of Betsy Ross’s era, but it worked like the everlasting piece of machinery built of its time.

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"A sailor’s joys are as simple as a child’s." ~ Bernard Moitessier