Becoming People of the Sea
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Pullman BerthBecoming People of the SeaSleeping Arrangements
A Pullman Berth & Guest Accommodations
Settee BunksOne of the attractions to this type of vessel was the layout of the main berth. Most boats of this size only have a v-berth, but the Hans Christian is designed with a Pullman berth on the port side forward of the main salon. A very comfortable size, it is slightly larger than a double, long enough for Don to stretch out.

The original location of the nav station was replaced with drawers and a small locker. The amount of storage we have is amazing, with adequate space for all our cruising stores. We also have a propane cabin heater which keeps us nice and toasty during the cool snaps in winter. Cool snaps, like 60 degrees, yeah right!

The mattress needed improvements, and as the evenings grew cooler, condensation underneath it was really becoming an issue. We found a really innovative product called Froli to solve the problem. We eventually had a latex mattress custom made (very expensive but worth it), and laid a topper of memory foam over it to make it quite possibly the most comfortable bed I've ever laid in. No need to rough it everywhere!

The loss of the aft cabin may be felt when company comes for a visit, but the back of the settee to starboard folds up to make 2 twin sized bunks, so there is room for two more to sleep comfortably. We figured that the majority of the time it would just be the two of us, and the larger navigation station seemed more practical for our long term cruising goals.

Diana and Halley Taking a Cat Nap

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