Becoming People of the Sea
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The Guys ContemplateBecoming People Of The SeaShipping a Ship
September 2005
Height limitations required the removal of a great deal of deck gear, so Don flew up to Connecticut for that. My mom and dad packed the remaining items that we wanted from our house in Ohio, and drove to Pawcatuck with one of my cats to meet Don and help out with the disassembly. Don and dad had two days to complete the task, but managed it in about 6 hours - even in the rain.

We finally received the papers for the boat at the end of September. That’s when the true fun began. The amount of scheduling and preparation required for shipping the ship was a real challenge.

Don and Dad DisassembleWe made arrangements for the marina in Connecticut to haul our boat out of the water, and scheduled a lift to remove the mast and load her onto the truck. When we tried to schedule our contracted trucker to be there on the day of the load, he backed out with a rather lame excuse. Hurricane Katrina had hit, gas prices soared, and we believe he didn’t want to honor the quote for which we originally contracted. We scrambled to contract another trucker at the last minutes, and fretted about their reliability since these last minute changes prevented us from researching credentials.

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"It is our relation to circumstances that determine their influence over us. The same wind that blows one ship into port may blow another off shore." ~ Christian Nevell Bovee