Points Unknown - A Lifestyle Trial
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The Morgan Points UnknownThe Morgan - A Lifestyle TrialSeason Finale
May 2004
The season ended and boo-hoo day arrived too soon.  That year we experienced the full gamut of emotions induced by sailing.  There was terror (fire on board, a near sinking, dragging anchor in rising winds), boredom (where is the wind, another hand of cards) and exhilaration (riding on 6' waves, burying a rail, sleeping under the stars).

We learned so many lessons, loved every moment, and were confident that this was indeed the life we wanted to live. Every day spent aboard was like a vacation, and in the end, we successfully followed what I consider the three most important rules about sailing. We kept the boat in the water, kept ourselves in the boat, and didn’t hit anything.

Pink Masts

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"Whenever your preparations for the sea are poor; the sea worms its way in and finds the problems." ~ Francis Stokes