Our Cruising Kitty
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Neptune in his PFD
~ Neptune in his PFD ~
The Real Cruising Kitty Safety at Sea
My Pet PFD
The admiral is concerned about safety at sea for the entire crew, so I sport my yellow personal flotation device (PFD) whenever we go out for a sail. I'm a pretty good swimmer, but there are some awful big fish in that ocean and I don't want to make a tasty meal for one of them.

The First Mate Off Duty
~ The First Mate Off Duty ~
There isn't much for me to do while we're under way. I spend most of my time in the cockpit, stationed between the winch and the dodger. It's a good shady spot to snooze while I'm off duty. Luckily I don't suffer from motion sickness, and I've gotten accustom to the sound of the water rushing past the hull. I'm not very fond of the engine noise, but it seems that neither Don nor Diana is either - because they don't seem to like to turn it on very often.

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