Becoming People of the Sea
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Annapolis Tall Ships
~ Tall Ships in Annapolis ~
Becoming People Of The SeaOur Dream Boat
May 2005
We started looking for our perfect ship with a trip to Annapolis. While there, we were able to get a good look at the different types of vessels we had considered, and narrowed our search. Our first consideration was a Westsail, but once aboard one we just didn't feel the affection. Although many people are living aboard and cruising the world in these admirably built vessels, it just didn't arouse us the way we had hoped.

HC33 T
~ Our Dream Boat ~
The Hans Christian 33T became our dream boat, but ships on the market seemed outside of our price range.  I found one in Connecticut that had some real potential, and as a repossession fell unexpectedly within our budget. Just another spontaneous fulfillment of desire in a life full of purposeful creation.

After a few road trips to check the boat out, as well as a survey and a sea trial, we put in a bid, and I started to prepare for our move from Ohio to Florida. We discussed our options for getting the vessel down to Florida; sail it down the ICW, hire a crew to sail it down, or truck it. Given the hurricane season, cost, and the time required to sail to Tampa bay, we opted to have it trucked. The whole process took a great deal of planning, education, and trust. But we got lots of good advice from the boating community, support from family and friends, and at the end of the day-we're here and living our dream.

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