Our Cruising Kitty
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Neptune on Dog Watch
~ The First Mate on Dog Watch ~
The Real Cruising Kitty On Dog Watch
Cat on Guard
This is one duty I am born for. I can stand on watch for hours and be perfectly happy. I guard against vermin stow away, check out any odd noises, such as gurgling and sloshing, and keep a weather eye should lines need adjusted. We live in a very safe harbor, so luckily I haven’t been called into action, but should something occur – I will be the very first to see it.

When all my duties are completed for the day, I stretch out for a cat nap. It's natural for someone like me to be on a ship. My ancestors have been sailing for centuries; we have been regarded as talismans with tails, feline forecasters, rat eradicators and crew companions.

Neptune Cuddles the Admiral
~ Neptune Cuddling the Admiral ~

We've voyaged the world over, and though some have become house cats, some have become barn cats, and many more have strayed throughout city streets, I believe our true calling is the sea.

I would say YES!  This is the Life for ME!


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"There is something about the presence of a cat...that seems to take the bite out of being alone.” ~ Louis Camuti