Points Unknown - A Lifestyle Trial
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Put-in-Bay on South Bass IslandThe Morgan - A Lifestyle TrialOn the Ball
May 2004

On our next excursion, we set our course for Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island. The lake was empty, and the wind carried us along nicely all the way to Kelly Island’s east coast. 5 miles away from South Bass, like a phantom, the wind left us. After an hour of waiting to see if it would return to us, Don reluctantly started the motor. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Boat House on Put-In-BayThe island was celebrating Christmas in July and we had 4 days to make merry.  We got a wonderful view of the Benson Ford, a ship that was set on the edge of a cliff and turned into a home. We hooked on to a mooring ball, hailed a water taxi, and headed straight to the Round House, a place with beer in a bucket and live music on the bar.

Put-in-Bay Round House

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