Turning Our HC 33 Into Our Home Sweet Home
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Shined Hand Pump
Turning Our HC 33 Into Our HomeMaster Control
Galley Update
Our galley has the highly recommended, deep double sink, a pressure fresh water faucet, a foot pump fresh water faucet, and spray hose, and one sad looking salt water hand pump. I had gotten so good at getting the ports cleaned up, that I took on the job of getting this faucet working again. Disassembly was easy, and the rebuild kit was fairly inexpensive as boating things go. This was an easy fix, and worked great when reassembled.

Disassembled Hand Pump
The fresh water pressure faucet was also in sad shape. The enamel was chipping, the base was leaking, and a spray head had to be added to the spigot to reach the other sink. I was frustrated by the layout, but holes were drilled and we weren’t ready to tackle the expense of new counter tops.

Don was reluctant to spend money on a new faucet, but I had read that changing to a modern one with a highly aerated flow could mean a significant savings in water. Fact or fiction, I embraced it as my justification for tackling this project.

Knowing that I had at least 4 holes to fill, we selected a faucet style that would accommodate. But alas, when I removed the old faucet, I found a fifth hole hiding under the base. After some discussion, Don and I decided to fashion a base using polyethylene. It was perhaps our first jury rig, and it really came out nice.

I also decided on going with an oil brushed bronze, figuring that would be the color anything would eventually turn anyway. When all was installed, we had to chuckle. It looked like master control - and to one unfamiliar with the layout, could be intimidating. So from left to right, we have a salt water hand pump, the tank vent, the sprayer, fresh water foot pump, fresh water pressure faucet, water control valve, and a soap dispenser.

Old Faucet New Faucet
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