Points Unknown - A Lifestyle Trial
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Don Reynolds with a big carpThe Morgan - A Lifestyle TrialHere Fishy Fishy
May 2004
Don got a lot of fishing in that year. He fought this one for about 15 minutes, and I thought for sure his pole was going to break. When he got it to the surface I could not believe how big it was. I was just waiting for him to fall into the water trying to grab it without a net. But using his fine skills, he got it out, removed the hook, I took pictures for proof and he let it go.

Diana Reynolds sailing Lake ErieThe weather that season was less then accommodating, so as soon as the opportunity arose, all the anxious sailors headed out to take advantage of the rare good days. By September there was a chill in the wind warning us of the arrival of autumn. It was nice being docked in the bay where we could zip around when the lake became too rough.

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