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Diana Reynolds with her Fein MultimasterSome Good GearSome Good Work Gear
Fein Multimaster
I am certain that the reason Popeye had such big forearms was not due to the spinach, rather it was because he had a wooden boat that he sanded by hand. I had no desire to put myself through that kind of torture, and I don't believe the elements would have given us the time anyway.  A dock mate of ours lent me his Fein Multimaster when we first started on the brightwork.  It took me all of 2 minutes to discover this was the beginnings to a beautiful love affair with a power tool.  This was a very expensive gadget, so I had to go through a lot of justification to convince Don that I need one of my own.

Diana Restoring the DeckThe sander was light enough for me to hold and control in awkward positions - such as hanging over the sides, or on my back with my arms straight up in the air. Its triangular shape and size was perfect for getting almost anywhere, and it came with attachments that allowed us to get into even very tight corners. The hook and loop system made changing sanding grits fast, and using scouring pads possible. We also used it to remove rust on metal, and to scrub the boat down before waxing, although I don't really think I should recommend this as it is not exactly a waterproof tool and we did have a few shocking experiences in doing this.

When I started to redo the decks, I purchased the attachment that digs the caulk out of the grooves and it worked amazingly! The love affair continues.

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