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Pro-Techt Mantis Umbrellas
Sailing on a sunny day is heaven. Sailing without shade is hell. Providing some protection from the sun is a must, but our boat's design was not conducive to putting up any sort of permanent, effective awning (bimini) without totally altering the rigging and doing major construction - not to mention the huge expense. We may still go this route, but in the mean time we came across a unique product at the Miami Boat show which provides us with the shade we so desperately need, and at a fraction of the cost of our anticipated bimini installation.

Diana Reynolds Under MantisThe Pro-Techt Mantis is a very well designed shade shaped like wings. The fabric is Sunbrella, and the spine is powder coated aluminum so the entire system seems very strong and secure. The unit is designed to provide unlimited rotations and angle adjustments so the sun can always be kept at bay. We purchased several shades and mounting brackets. With the brackets located strategically around the cockpit, we can move the units easily using the quick release mount. And then, when we want a full view of the sky, we can latch the shade to the frame, or if the wind gets too strong, the whole thing collapses easily and goes into its storage bag.

This product has made our cockpit far more comfortable and enjoyable, without having to completely reconfigure the boat.


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