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Magma Marine Grill
I was excited to find a Magma kettle barbecue tucked deep in a locker on our boat. I cleaned it up and hung it off the back rail - used it once or twice before we knocked it off into the water during a difficult docking situation. Don was going to leave it on the ocean floor until I pointed the cost out to him. So he salvaged it from the murky depths, I cleaned it up again, bought a new bracket and found a less intrusive place to hang it.

But contrary to masculine biology, Don was not feeling the love for the grill. Each time I suggested he fire it up - the mumbling would start about how it was impossible to light in any kind of wind, the lid was always dangling and banging around, the gas in the bottle never lasted very long, the only setting that worked on the valve was high and off, and the thing wobbled and turned like every bolt on it was loose. "We should have just left it at the bottom of the bay!"

Shortly after a paroxysm such as this we attended the Miami Boat Show. After a long day of wandering around this enormous expo, we were dragging our tired tails down the vendor aisles - right past the Magma booth.  Don had no intention of stopping there - he already had a grill he despised, but something drew me to the shiny new barbeques.

Don Reynolds Grilling Lobster"Look - these grills have a hinge on their lid!" was all it took to bring the sales rep over. We lamented to him about our grilling woes, to which he stated "You have the grill designed for sailing." He found our model, and wedged the large washer opposite the lid handle onto the side of the grill. "AAAAHHHH!!!" we both exclaimed as he explained how, if we set the back of the lid facing the wind, we are able to protect the flame. Turning the valve in line to the wind also made it possible to control the air feeding the flame. All that wobbling was designed so we could rotate the kettle with regard to our tack and the direction of the wind.

We also learned that leaving the gas bottle hanging from the valve, as we saw everyone else do, would surely release the gas into the air when not in use. Leaving the valve on the grill would also degrade it very quickly. It was made to be easily removed, and he suggested bagging it with some silicone packets to keep it dry. The rep was even kind enough to give us a brand new valve - a pricy replacement part we were very surprised to be offered.

We didn't have a book for the grill, and I was unable to find any of this information on Magma's website. Once the rep showed us all these hidden built in features, we discovered that the grill was in fact very well engineered. Don has now sufficiently bonded with our Magma, and is happy to grab the lighter and the tongs any chance he gets.

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