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Froli Sleep System
While visiting Annapolis in search for our perfect vessel, we met a wonderful couple who were live-aboards.  In the interest of preparation for our own plans, we asked them to impart one unforeseen aspect about life aboard.  "Even in the warmest of latitudes, condensation under the mattress occurs" was what came to their mind.  Unless you take steps to prevent it, the mixture of body heat and the cooler water temperature will cause puddles in your bedding, which lead to mold, mildew and degradation of most foams and mattress coverings.

Neptune in the BerthSeveral methods of prevention are listed in the sailing websites, but we chose Froli Sleep System as our solution to a dry berth. The product is a series of snap together springs that can be arranged to fit in non-rectangular spaces.  We chose it because it provided both the ventilation needed to keep us dry underneath, and the extra comfort that a box spring would normally produce. 

Customer service was great in helping us determine the kit combinations we needed.  We assembled ours rather quickly, and the difference was incredible.  Our sleep became far more comfortable and we’re dry underneath, just as the product advertised.

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