SCUBA Diving Blissful Bonaire
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Don Reynolds Floating on the SurfaceBonaire/FishSCUBA1.gif
 Floating in Bliss

The one thing about shore diving is you must carry everything with you - keys, money, credit cards. To store these, we used a small waterproof box that Don would tie into the pocket of his BCD. On one of our dives at Buddies Reef, our resort, the box somehow escaped. We became a bit frantic, searching the shore line without success.


The front desk let us into our room, but calls had to be made to cancel credit cards and fines would be paid for the lost keys. Just when our bliss was beginning to disintegrate, we got a call from the dive center at the dock. “What’s the credit limit on this American Express card?” they asked. It seems our little yellow box found its way back and was rescued by one of the staff. It was returned to us intact and our bliss returned. Of all the isolated dive sights, on this excursion we chose our resort's reef. What are the odds!!

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