The Crew
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The Captain
Don Reynolds grew up in North Eastern Ohio. He joined the Navy after high school, and served on the aircraft carrier America for 2 of his 6 years of service. While ship board, he traveled to England, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Crete, Greece and the UAE. He fell in love with the ocean and life aboard ship. The remainder of his service took place in Guam, Hawaii and Japan. He is by nature a philosophical student, and will research in-depth all manner of spirit and human thought.

The Admiral
Diana Reynolds also grew up in Ohio and graduated from Malone College. After high school, she traveled to Nicaragua and Guatemala to do volunteer medical work. Over the years she has traveled throughout the U.S. as well as to England, Scotland, Mexico, the Bahamas, Australia, Canada and Bonaire. Diana was introduced to sailing in the early 80s, and immediately fell in love with it. She gained eclectic experience in both racing and cruising on many different types and sizes of sail boats. She received her PADI open water certification in 2000 and immediately traveled to Australia to dive on the Great Barrier Reef. She is an adventurer by nature, and strives to be a traveler rather than a tourist.

Don and Diana ReynoldsDiversions
Don and Diana enjoy many sports and hobbies that are synonymous with the cruising life. They are both PADI Rescue Divers, working toward Dive Master Certification. They enjoy bike riding and spent a great deal of time on the Ohio & Erie Canal Tow Path trail. They also both enjoy taking photos and Diana specializes in underwater photography. Don is an avid fisherman who practices the catch and release method.  They were married in Re Metau's cockpit, concluding the ceremony with a rising full moon and a pastel splashed sunset.  The honeymoon has never ended.

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Neptune our Cruising Cat
~ Neptune, Our Cruising Cat ~
HC33 T  Re Metau
~ Re Metau ~
The First Mate
Neptune is the newest crew member. He was rescued from a shelter at the age of 1, and was promptly promoted to first mate (Don is Captain and Diana is Admiral). We have shared our lives with many animals over the years, and in an effort to remind us of the cosmos in which we live, I began giving the pets astronomical names. Being ship-board, I thought it important that our feline's name have nautical significance as well - and thus the perfect union of sky and sea - Neptune.

Re Metau 

Pronounced rā-muh-tau

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The Yapese refer to the outer islanders living on the tiny coral atolls of Micronesia as the Re Metau - People of the Sea.