SCUBA Diving Blissful Bonaire
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Don and Diana Reynolds Diving Bonaire
 Flying Over the Reef

We started our diving at the resort - Buddy’s Reef. We were able to check our weights, and jumped right off the dock into the warm, clear Caribbean Sea. The current was very gentle, so we swam into it for the first half of the dive, and the reef provided us with some beautiful sea-life. Returning via the current was like flying. We just hung there in perfect buoyancy, taking a free ride.

Diving with Angels

The weights were fine but the weight belts had much to be desired. Don’s clip snapped open, his belt dropped and he did a perfect, uncontrolled ascent to the surface. At only 40 feet, decompression sickness wasn’t really an issue. $50 to the resort for a lost weight belt was however, and so I hovered there trying to plan out how to extricate the belt from the reef with little damage to myself or the coral, and surface with all the extra weight. It about killed me, but I managed and after a brief rest, we were able to continue. BCDs with integrated weights were bought soon after.

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"The sea calls - come live in my heart and pay no rent." ~ Unknown