Points Unknown - A Lifestyle Trial
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Don Reynolds on our MorganThe Morgan - A Lifestyle TrialBabes on Board
May 2004
Every year our marina threw a fabulous party. We got the opportunity to take a ride on the Journey, a double masted steel schooner that was docked there. Don’s girls seemed to really enjoy themselves, and Erin even got a turn at the helm. She appeared to take this job very seriously. We’ll make sailors out of them yet.

Erin at the wheel of the JourneyI was pointing out all the sights to Erin, and directed her attention to the marina. “That is where we keep the boat. See all the masts?” She asked “Which one is our boat?” and I told her to look for the littlest mast. This made the crew and the surrounding passenger’s chuckle. But I stated “We’re not embarrassed; we’re not trying to overcompensate.” To which Erin exclaimed loudly while looking up at the two tall masts on the Journey “But these people are, aren’t they!” Out of the mouths of babes!

Don & Erin Sailing

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