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Launching Our Dream
Florida's West Coast
2005 – 2008
Sarasota Beach Cafe
~ Sarasota Beach Cafe ~
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Sarasota, Anna Maria Island & Tampa Gasparilla
Hangin' Out
When we work, we work hard, and when we play we play peacefully. With a set goal of being able to live comfortable at anchor by the end of the year, boat work could become all consuming. But we were careful to take a day or two holiday whenever the mood struck. If sailing wasn't on the agenda, we would sometimes take our dinghy, Dinky Duck out for a day of fishing in the mangroves. Finding stone crab in our trap was always a special treat.
Anna Maria Pier
~ Anna Maria Pier ~

Afternoon dips in the ocean, dinner in the cockpit, long walks on the beach to watch the sunset, an evening rendezvous for drinks with friends, it was easy to turn any moment into a mini holiday.

Don's Caught a Stone Crab
~ Don's Caught a Stone Crab ~
Tampa's Gasparilla Parade
~ Tampa's Gasparilla Parade ~
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2011 - Bahamas
Paradise Next Door
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