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Relaxing on Beer Can Island off Longboat Key
~ Relaxing on Beer Can Island off Longboat Key ~
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Salty Songs
As We Sail Into the Music
The swells and storms of the seas, the cry of the birds, the lap of the waves against a shore, the snap of the sail in the breeze – all these poetic sea-sounds resulted in some pretty fine nautical tunes.

If you're a music lover like me, you have your own personal sound track following you around, enhancing the moments of your life. There are many songs that make my pulse race, send shivers up my spine, or set me to singing and dancing. But the ones I find most transcendent are those that embrace the spirit of the ocean and the essence of a life upon it.

Sometimes it's the lyrics that grab my heart; the stories of sailors whose wake we follow and whose footprints we seek to also leave upon the shore; the verses that reveal the reverence we hold for our ocean home; the ballades for the cherished boats that bestow us with the freedom to ramble.

Sometime it's the tune that seizes my spirit; the melody that mirrors the motion of the hull slipping through the waves; the cadence that embodies the thrill of filled sails; the resonance that causes us to reminisce on the little miracles and great moments of each passage.

I've reflected on the intrinsic significance of music in our cruising life and I believe there is a much deep connection between seafarer and song than the average person. It remains a communal activity; a chance to gather and play some tunes or earn a beer. We discovered many of the sailors bestow precious space to all members of the musical instrument family; All manner of guitar, drums from around the world, brass horns and bagpipes, keyboards, and every percussive device imaginable. Onboard, we carry a Traveling Martin, a bodhrán drum, and several clay whistles from around the world, not to mention the 200GB of music files for our stereo.

The following list is of those songs that send me across the open water, take me to some distant shore, and most importantly, remind me what an extraordinary life this is. If it is a song with which you are unfamiliar, click on the song's title to listen to it in YouTube, or the link to the lyric. Enjoy!

Great White Heron in Flight
~ Great White Heron in Flight ~

Alexi Murdoch
~ Blue Mind (Lyrics)
Andreas Vollenweider
~ Down to the Moon & Moon Dance
Ani Difranco
~ Grey (Lyrics)
Ashtar Command
~ Into Dust
~ Sandpiper ~
Blue Image
~ Ride Captain Ride (Lyrics)

Bob Schneider
~ Big Blue Sea (Lyrics)
Osprey Family
~ Osprey Family ~
Carbon Leaf
~ Life Less Ordinary (Lyrics)
~ Home (Lyrics)

Cecilio and Kapono
~ Sailin' (Lyrics)

Chris De Burgh
~ Sailing Away (Lyrics)

Christopher Cross
~ Sailing (Lyrics)

~ Sail On (Lyrics)

Cowboy Junkies
~ White Sail (Lyrics)

Brown Pelican
~ Brown Pelican ~
Darol Anger & Mike Marshall
~ Dolphins
Dave Matthews
~ The Maker (Lyrics)

David Gray
~ Sail Away with Me (Lyrics)

Death Cab for Cutie
~ Transatlanticism (Lyrics)

~ Catch the Wind (Lyrics)

Royal Tern
~ Royal Tern ~
~ Land Ho (Lyrics)

Eric Bogel
~ Safe in the Harbor (Lyrics)

Florence + the Machine
~ Never Let Me Go (Lyrics)

Diving Pelican
~ Diving Pelican ~
Fred Simon
~ Time and the River
Freddie McGregor
~ Big Ship Sailing (Lyrics)

Grand Funk Railroad
~ I'm your Captain (Lyrics)

Grateful Dead
~ Lost Sailor (Lyrics)
~ Ship of Fools (Lyrics)

Great Big Sea
~ Lukey (Lyrics)

Black Skimmers
~ Black Skimmers ~
Howard Livingston
~ This Boat
Ian Matthews
~ Keep on Sailing (Lyrics)

James Taylor
~ Mexico (Lyrics)

Great Blue Heron
~ Great Blue Heron ~

Joe Cocker
~ Sail Away (Lyrics)

~ Midnight Sailing
Kris Delmhorst
~ Sea Fever
KT Tunstall
~ Silent Sea (Lyrics)

Led Zeppelin
~ Down By The Seaside (Lyrics)

Little Feat
~ Sailin' Shoes (Lyrics)

Little River Band
~ Cool Change (Lyrics)

Loggins & Messina
~ Sailin' the Wind (Lyrics)

American White Pelicans
~ American White Pelicans ~
Looking Glass
~ Brandy (Lyrics)

Luka Bloom
~ Sunny Sailor Boy (Lyrics)

Lyle Lovett
~ If I had a Boat (Lyrics)

Mark Knopfler & James Taylor
~ Sailing to Philadelphia (Lyrics)

Men at Work
~ Down Under (Lyrics)

Michael Franti & Spearhead
~ The Sound of Sunshine (Lyrics)

~ The Sea (Lyrics)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
~ Sail Away (Lyrics)
~ Through My Sails (Lyrics)

Great Egret with Fish
~ Great Egret with Fish ~
Nick Cave
~ The Ship Song (Lyrics)

Otis Redding
~ Dock of the Bay (Lyrics)

Paul Simon
~ The Coast (Lyrics)
~ American Tune (Lyrics)

Peter Bradely Adams
~ Full Moon Song (Lyrics)
~ The Longer I Run (Lyrics)

Peter Frampton
~ Sail Away (Lyrics)

Ospry with Catch
~ Ospry with Catch ~
Prem Joshuan
~ Sky Kisses Earth

Rod Stewart
~ Sailing (Lyrics)

~ Foundwind

Sheryl Crow
~ River Wide (Lyrics)

Steve Miller Band
~ Serenade from the Stars (Lyrics)

Roseate Spoonbill
~ Roseate Spoonbill ~

The Alan Parsons Project
~ Days are Numbers (Lyrics)

The Doobie Brothers
~ The Captain and Me (Lyrics)
~ Drift Away (Lyrics)
~ Black Water (Lyrics)
Wood Stork and Babies
~ Wood Stork and Babies ~

Tribal Trio
~ Depths Unknown
~ Costa Rica

The Rasmus
~ Sail Away (Lyrics)

The Refreshments
~ Mekong (Lyrics)

The Tragically Hip
~ Nautical Disaster (Lyrics)

Tim Mueting
~ Anagada Day (Lyrics)

Toad the Wet Sprocket
~ Walk on the Ocean (Lyrics)

Tori Amos
~ 1000 Oceans (Lyrics)

Cormorant Drying Wings
~ Cormorant Drying Wings ~

The Verve
~ Blue Pacific Ocean

Will Ackerman
~ Night Slip
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