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Imagine boarding a plane with a one way ticket to an unknown destination, and you'll come close to what we felt when our life as live-aboards began. Totally changing a way of life brings forth all manner of emotion – excitement, fear, concern, enthusiasm and anticipation. No matter the amount you visualize, predict and prepare for what it will be like, significantly more surprising experiences will be bestowed upon you.

Like any foreign language, when we first moved aboard, we would often stutter when referring to some part of the boat. Thing-a-ma-jiggy and watchama-call-it were commonly used terms. Until it was truly incorporated into our lives, nautical vernacular seemed extraneous and awkward. In the same way, our vessel and all its mechanical systems were almost alien to us. Strange noises emanated from most every crevice, the rigging was a bit confusing, the near constant rocking a bit peculiar. Our surroundings and our dwelling seemed new and mysterious to us, but over time, and with much exploration we grew into the life and peeled away the enigma.

We've many adventures and mysteries ahead, however since moving aboard, our amount of seafaring knowledge has increased tremendously. Having survived the big leap and thrived in the transformation, our fears and concerns about changes have abated. These Pearls of Wisdom pages contain a mixture of insights and knowledge we have gained throughout all these changes. In journaling each little enlightening treasure, we anticipate and better appreciate the value of each new experience.

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Learning, Growing, Discovering
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