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The First Mate on Dog Watch
~ The First Mate on Dog Watch ~
On Dog Watch
Cat on Guard
This is one duty I am born for. I can stand on watch for hours and be perfectly happy. I guard against vermin stow away, check out any odd noises, such as gurgling and sloshing, and keep a weather eye should lines need adjusted. We live in a very safe harbor, so luckily I haven't been called into action, but should something occur – I will be the very first to see it.
Cuddling with the Kitty
~ Cuddling with the Kitty ~

When all my duties are completed for the day, I stretch out for a cat nap. It's natural for someone like me to be on a ship. My ancestors have been sailing for centuries; we have been regarded as talismans with tails, feline forecasters, rat eradicators and crew companions.

We've voyaged the world over, and though some have become house cats, some have become barn cats, and many more have strayed throughout city streets, I believe our true calling is the sea.

I would say YES! This is the Life for ME!
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