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Neptune Stalking a Bird
~ Neptune Stalking a Bird ~
Blasted Sea Birds
Feline Versus Water Fowl
One of my most important duties is to clear the decks of sea birds. We've got all kinds hanging around the water – herons, storks, egrets and pelicans. They are noisy and messy and inevitably show up just after someone has finished scrubbing the top sides.
Heron Taunting Neptune
~ Heron Taunting Neptune ~

Most of these feathered beasts will steer clear of me once I give them the eye, but some of them are rather bold – even taunting. They think that just because they are bigger than me they don't have to worry. They don't know I'm packing some serious weapons, and I'm a highly skilled stalker.

Just the other day I spied a big kingfisher sitting on a rail, laughing at me. I focused hard on him – didn't let anything else distract my attention. I shifted my hips to get ready for just the right pounce then…

Pelican on the Bow
~ Pelican on the Bow ~
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