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Back in Ohio, Halley was a stray cat who pegged us as caring attendants. Though not encouraged, she lingered around the porch for several days, until her presence was nearly forgotten. Finally, an evening arrived when the door was opened long enough for her to smoothly glide inside. Food bowls for other pets were at hand, but she gave priority to grooming, making her silver coat shine so that perhaps we would let her stay.

Thus she managed to slip into our home and our hearts. When the time came for us to distribute the contents of our domicile to make way for an aquatic life, we decided this little grey mouser would make the transition with us. She was a healthy feline of maybe 5 years old and, traveling without side effects, seemed content with our new lifestyle.

And we were content with her shy nature, which kept her on board and out of sight from strangers during the day. Though her wild side sent her wandering the docks in the dark of night, I was comfortable that her bright red collar, tags, and bells conspicuously signified her status as a beloved pet.

Each morning she hopped aboard for a cuddle and a bowl of kibble before we started the day. Until one fateful morning, when she didn't show up at all.

~ First Mate Neptune ~

I knew something was amiss and wasn't long in searching when I caught sight of her beautiful silvery fur lying motionless on the ground. Sometime in the night, someone used her as a target and, with a pellet gun, managed to pierce a hole through both our hearts. "When you're used to hearing purring and suddenly it's gone, it's hard to silence the blaring sound of sadness” (Missy Altijd).

After a few days of silent sadness, it dawned on me that I had been in the company of furry companions since I was 4 years old. I asked Don how he felt about adopting another cat, and much to my surprise he expressed extreme enthusiasm. I'd not realized that for Don, who was confined to a lonely boat during long working hours, the presence of Halley took the bite out of being so solitary.

We visited the nearby shelter straightaway, and thus Neptune joined our crew. I know that people who welcome pets into their lives can sound pretty silly to people who are not so enamored by these beasts. It should be obvious that the contents of these pages may not be written for the latter of those two.

But if you would like to understand, from a furry four-legged feline's perspective, what it's like to be drafted into service and meaningful duty for which you are aptly equipped; to be launched into extraordinary adventure in which your curiosity craves; to be freed from an isolated existence and included in an intimate life of devoted companionship that will keep you blissfully purring, then you may enjoy the logs of Neptune – Our Cruising Kitty.

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