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Take advice with a grain of salt.

The sailing community has oceans of opinions and all the salt to go with it. We have gone through all manner of research, investigation, and examination to determine what gear will work best for our needs – only to have some other sailor provide unsolicited opinions that often times contaminated the confidence we had about our selection.

Over the years we've learned to factor in the giver's vessel, living situation, motivation, and experience to determine whether we should heed or disregard the advice. You've already been exposed to information about our vessel and living situation. My motivation is simply to share the good experiences we've had with some products that have delivered what they advertised.

As far as experience, well – we use these products in our everyday lives. And after 10 years, these products have gotten a good test. I've added updates to each of these articles to follow up on that decade. Some of these products have fallen from my 'Good Gear' graces, but all the gear still improves our live-aboard experience.

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