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~ Salsa Dancing ~
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We completed our Advanced Divers Certification in Bonaire and left with many wonderful dives under our belts. When we returned home we completed our Rescue Dive Certification. But after diving the beautiful, crystalline warm waters of Bonaire, being back in the chilly pea-soup of the quarry was dreadful. It was definitely time for us to head to warmer climates!

At the time this picture was taken, our desire to live aboard a sailboat, cruise on warm waters, and SCUBA dive colorful saltwater reefs was still only a dream. But seven short months after, that dream would become our reality!

We concluded our trip with a night out at the City Club, joining some of the fellow diver's, Mark and Rita who, sharing our live aboard dream, had become fast friends. The Cuban band was hot, and after a quick Salsa lesson from our new friends, Don and I danced until the early hours of the morning.

Loving the Island Life
~ Loving the Island Life ~

Around 3AM, the four of us attempted to call for a cab to get back to the resort, but were informed that all three of the island's taxi drivers were too inebriated by that time of the night. But the warm breezes along the beautiful Caribbean sea sparkling in the moon light made the walk so pleasant, I never wanted it to end.

After this wonderful vacation, I integrated Bonaire into our goals of moving onto a boat, becoming cruisers, and expanding our diving experiences. Some day, we'd be one of those boats moored off shore, and we'd be among those fortunate people diving at will amidst this vibrant sea life. And I added more Salsa Dancing lessons to the list of cruising goals because that was SO MUCH FUN!

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