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Wind Surfers
~ Wind Surfers ~
Lac Bay
Wind & Sea
This is a picture of Don and me wind-surfing in Lac Bay. At least that's what we decided to tell everyone while we sat at the bar drinking frozen coladas and taking pictures of professionals zooming back and forth at break neck speeds. We wanted to try our hand at it, but I'm certain these guys would have put us to shame. Besides, our time was already full with SCUBA diving the more than 100 sites available.

Each day we did two boat dives off of Kline Bonaire, added to the variety of shore dives we did on our own off the main island. We also had our personal night dive on the town pier, which was voted one of the top 10 dive sites in the world.

I really fell in love with the island, and seeing the moored boats and marinas brought our dream of moving aboard, cruising the Caribbean while diving in her warm, crystal-clear waters was brought more into focus.

Peaceful at Anchor
~ Peaceful at Anchor ~
Our Dive Sites
  • Buddies Reef (3 Times)
  • North Belnam
  • Margate Bay
  • Blood Let
  • Mi Dushi
  • Captain Don's Reef
  • Bonaventure
  • Witch Hut
  • Carl's Hill Annex
  • The Knife
  • The Town Pier
  • Hilma Hooker
  • Pink Beach
  • Angel City
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