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Spiney Lobster on the Move
~ Spiny Lobster on the Move ~
Town Pier Night Dive
Night Life
Because we were the only two people to sign up for the Town Pier dive, we had it all to ourselves! Piers mean shelter to underwater creatures, so they tend to congregate around them when they're most venerable – at night. So the dive promised lots of fascinating sightings. We felt especially lucky in that security had been tightened around the other piers and dives were often cancelled because ships arrived – which is what happened to everyone else who'd signed up for the Salt Pier dive.

Nighttime completely changes the seascape as well. Creatures who are on the move – usually at a pace beyond a diver's – can be approached as they rest. We spotted these two crusty creatures hanging from the pilings, one sleeping and one just waking up.

Sea Turtle Resting
~ Sea Turtle Resting ~

The dive was extraordinary with coral growing everywhere in brilliant colors. Worms and sea cucumbers stretched out of their daytime cubbies to unbelievable lengths. And the Phosphorescence cast a beautiful green glow over everything.

Much like wrecks, night dives can heighten one's sense of wariness. Both Don and I had two dive lights – a big spot and a smaller back-up. No matter that they were fairly new and had fresh batteries installed – three of them failed. Thank goodness for our Dive Guide! Coben made sure we saw all there was to see and made it back up onto the dock safely.

All of the dive sights were marvelous. We were hard pressed to choose a favorite. Each experience was unique and spectacular; however ending our vacation diving the Town Pier was truly a grand finale.

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