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~ Don on the Surface ~
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One challenge with shore diving is the need to carry everything with you into the deep blue sea – hotel keys, money, credit cards, etc. To store these items, we used a small, bright yellow waterproof box that Don tied into the pocket of his Buoyancy Control Device (BCD). During one of our dives, the box somehow managed to escape without notice.

Fortunately, this occurred at our resort on Buddies Reef, where it was easy enough to return to our room – rather than a distant site that would have left us stranded without keys to the truck, not to mention the heavy SCUBA gear that can't safely be left on the side of the road. Searching the shore line without success, we became a bit frantic in any event. Dealing with all these lost valuables was going to take precious time away from our fun.

An Open Tube Worm
~ An Open Tube Worm ~

The front desk let us into our room, but calls had to be made to cancel credit cards and fines would be charged for the lost room key and truck keys. Just when our bliss was beginning to disintegrate, we got a call from the dive center by the dock where we'd dove.

"What's the credit limit on this American Express card?" the person on the other end teased.

It seems our little yellow box found its way back to the resort and was rescued by one of the staff! We retrieved it with all the contents intact and our bliss returned. Of all the isolated dive sights, on this fateful excursion we chose our resort's own reef. What are the odds!

This little bit of drama made us better appreciate the friendliness and honesty of these islanders. And every dive going forward included an extra check on the security of the little yellow box.

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