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Octopus in Neon
~ Octopus in Neon ~
Margate Bay
Colorful Sea
Photographing octopi was a real treat. There never seems to be an orientation to up or down, front or back. Their colors change with their mood and environment, and they could act shy or aggressive. They are most definitely a multidimensional species. Forget outer space – there are far more alien life forms in the sea.

There are so many species of sea life that use camouflage as a method of survival. We saw rock fish and flounder dart up, land and in a flash, disappear right into their background. It was so amazing to see, I couldn't keep my fingers off the camera's shutter button. But as expected, all the pictures look like nothing more than sand and coral, a true testament to how perfect this evolutionary protective trait works.

Colorful Coral Head
~ Colorful Coral Head ~

Oddly, some ocean life evolved in complete dichotomy to that paradigm, with fish, coral, mollusks and anemones flashing riotous colors so brilliant you'd think they were electrified. We hovered over mound after mound of multitudinous organisms kaleidoscopically packed like a box of Crayolas. It confirmed my belief that nature's imaginative hand displays best in fish and flowers.

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