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About Our Floating Home
Big Living on a Little Boat
2005 to Present
The Original State
~ Original State ~
The Saloon
(or 'Living Room')
Often, people who came aboard Re Metau were stunned to learn she is only a 33' boat. In truth, if her long bow sprit, and her over extended stern were included in the deck-length, she is up there with the big guys. But it is down below where her wide beam, her high headroom, and her unique layout shined!

The saloon lies just forward of the galley, and like everywhere else on the boat, is covered in teak. An L-shaped dinette is to port with a large teak table edged by a deep fiddle.A raised edge to prevent items from sliding off when in motion. When working as a programmer, this is where Don spends most of his time, so it functions as an office as well (poor guy).

A long settee is to starboard, and ours is designed to convert into a set of bunk beds. We also constructed a removable platform to bridge the gap between the edge of the settee and the table, turning the seat into a double bed of sorts. It wasn't exactly 4-Star accommodations, but better for visiting couples. Besides – our goal was to make it acceptable for about 4 days. Anything else and company was likely to want to stay too long.

Diana in the Galley
~ Reupholstered State ~
Shed Some Light
One might think all that teak would make it dark down below, but the upper portion of our cabin and ceiling is lined in white which really brightened up the space. These swaths of white are framed in by teak ledges that also functions as hand-holds. There are two bronze oval ports on either side, each fitted with hooks so they can be left open, and screens – so they can stay open in buggy areas.

But most of the ventilation and light pours through the large butterfly hatch overhead. At night, we rely on several dome lights and directional lamps that we converted to LED, as well as the two brass oil lanterns if the mood is right. Another nice feature is the red 'night vision' lights located along the base of the settee.

Where's the Stuff?
There is stowage both under and behind all the 'furniture', a real plus given that this space is usually filled with tanks on other brands of yachts. But Hans Christian's were built with black iron tanks embedded deep into the hull and keel.

So storage in our saloon is plentiful. So much so that we were able to install a water maker and marine AC, as well as store our dive equipment, spare parts, food, charts, and most importantly – an abundantly stocked liquor cabinet.

Faucet Upgrade No.1
~ Original State ~

There are also shelves lining the hull behind both seating areas, each with hand-hold fiddles. The shelf behind the settee was filled with CDs, until we converted all the music to an electronic format and loaded it onto an iPod. The CDs were replace by DVDs, until those got converted to files and loaded on little hard drives. The DVDs were replaced by more books, but thinned down when we got our hands on Kindles and Nooks. And a flat screen TV allowed us to remove a protruding shelf that held the outdated tube model that came with the boat. I must admit that newer technologies really created a gap in our lives, but in a good way!

Re Metau also came equipped with a 12V stereo installed behind the starboard settee, wired to a set of box speakers. One of Don's first projects was to upgrade our tunes with component speakers that took up less space and surrounded us in sound. He also wired the stereo to the television, so our movie soundtracks could be fully enjoyed.

A Day in the Life
One of the most common inquiries made regarding our lifestyle was how it was possible for a couple to exist peacefully and happily is such close quarters. To be sure we knew of relationships that just couldn't survive the limited boundaries of a tiny boat. There was nowhere to go and get away, no space to call your own, no secret that can remain hidden.

But the bonds that remained tight were generally stronger, more intimate, and perhaps healthier than those who preferred a lot of space between. Don and I were comfortable in our cozy confines. Our strengths have been tested, and our talents have been acknowledged. Most importantly I think was that we witness, together, so many phenomenal, unbelievable experiences that our past was filled with marvel, and we believed the best was always yet to come. And it would only ever be possible when we are together.

Faucet Upgrade No.2
~ Reupholstered State ~
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  • Don's Job
  • Removed Magazine Racks
  • Reupholstered Cushions
  • Added AC Vents to Bulkhead
  • Removed TV Shelf
  • Installed Overhead 12v Fans
  • More Compact Technology
  • New Curtains and Pillows
  • Custom Cut Rugs