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Don Replacing Sink Faucet
~ Don Replacing Sink Faucet ~
Head Faucets
A Head of Our Times
The sink faucet in the head was not the original, which had been replaced by perhaps the cheapest thing on the market. It was leaky, completely corroded and the spigot was so low we had to nearly climb into the sink to access the water. This got replaced at the same time as the kitchen faucet.

Installation wasn’t too difficult as standard faucets work fine with little modification. Again, we chose an oil brushed bronze finish, because we figured in such a harsh environment it was going to end up that color anyway. The higher spigot makes it much easier to get to the water too. We were really happy with the results.

Old Sink Faucet
~ Old Sink Faucet ~
New Sink Faucet
~ New Sink Faucet ~
Old Shower Faucet
~ Old Shower Faucet ~
Replacing the faucet in the shower stall was more of a challenge. We searched, researched, assembled, disassembled, reassembled and returned many parts. We had two holes, 4” on center to deal with. We finally decided modifications would have to be made. I had given up just as Don got inspired.

It took him three trips to the hardware store, a Dremmel tool, some drilling, and a fair amount of ingenious modification, but the results were fabulous. We ended up with handles and a back plate that matched the sink fixture, and a nice 8 setting shower head. I slapped on a pause valve, so we can turn the shower down to a drip and save water, and everything fit like it was meant to be.

New Shower Faucet
~ New Shower Faucet ~
New Shower Head
~ New Shower Head ~
Refit: 10 Aug 2010
Hans Christian 33Ts have a separate shower stall in the head – unheard of on a boat this size! We had a teak seat, tile around the base, and a fiberglass surround. Over the years, the tile and grout began to get cracked, and much to my surprise, Don volunteered to take on the project of retiling, without my griping or suggesting an update.

Unlike just about every other project we've taken on, this one went without a hitch. One nice thing was that we were able to find the tile and materials at a local home store, since 'marine grade' items are usually sold at a premium by comparison. The old tile, trim, and seat came off without a hitch too. Don was able to get down to a fairly clean shower pan, with only a few holes to patch.

We also opted to replace the wood seat with Starboard, a marine-grade polymer that wouldn't soak up any moisture. The wooden seat, which given the small enclosure is easier to use while showering, was a bit warped and most likely infused with more bacteria than I chose to think about. Don also replaced the wood trim with stone, but the teak lattice floor would have to be dealt with another day. In one short weekend, we had a beautifully updated shower!

New Shower Faucet
~ Old Shower Tile ~
New Shower Head
~ New Shower Tile ~
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