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About Our Journey
Becoming Re Metau
View from the Top of the Mast
~ View from the Top of the Mast ~
Starting Point
Beginning a Live-aboard Life at Twin Dolphins Marina
The Twin Dolphins, our first marina was wonderful. We had a swimming pool and hot tub, four large, private shower facilities, dock carts and storage boxes, a ships store and fueling facilities, a personal postal box, laundry, free parking, cable TV and Wi-Fi internet access. We had garbage bins at the end of each dock, pump out from the slip, and discounts at the marina restaurant. The harbor master was very conscience about safety and order, keeping the docks clear of hazardous materials and all the facilities beautifully maintained. When bad weather was predicted, the staff walked the docks to assure all vessels were well secured. A new, state-of-the-art sea wall was built to further protect the marina from foul weather. Gates at each entrance, and watchful neighbors made it safe enough to leave our boat unlocked with little worry. Having all the luxuries available made the transition far more pleasant, and the overall experience very enjoyable.
Twin Dolphin Marina
~ Twin Dolphin Marina ~

Moving aboard was just the starting point toward the ultimate goal of cruising full time. We believed it made far more sense for us to live aboard for a period of time, still tied to land to ease the transition. We knew we would need easy access to boat chandleries and hardware stores, and the dock gave us far more space with which to do projects and maintenance. The marina also provided us with a wealth of knowledgeable sailors who provided good advice and opinions based on experience, as well as a list of trustworthy skilled professional who could be called upon for projects with which we needed or wanted help.

Our next step was to equip the boat for self sufficiency, and live for a period of time at anchor – again to assure we had a clear grasp of our equipment's mechanisms and capabilities. This experience would get us closer to cruising realities, and allow us to add finances to the cruising kitty.

We will let you know we have reached the end of our journey just as soon as we've crossed over the horizon.