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About Our Journey
Becoming Re Metau
Backing Down the Road
~ Backing Down the Road ~
She's Finally Here
Over Here!
On Wednesday morning, we got the call that our ship was crossing the Manatee Bridge to Anna Maria Island. Don and my uncle raced down to the marina where the launch was planned, and watched as our trucker made a wrong turn and crossed over to the main land again. They were like kids waving their money at the ice cream truck just as it turns out of sight around a bend. Eventually our driver found his way and our boat arrived safe and sound. I want to thank Great Lakes Marine Transit for the excellent service. They took all the mishaps in stride, and were flexible in their timeframes. We were charged exactly what we were quoted, which by the way was $1000 less than our first trucker's quote.
Ready to Launch
~ Ready to Launch ~
The Rebuild
Don and John looked after the launch, and immediately began reinstalling the deck gear. We were both truly amazed at how straight forward it was to disassemble and reassemble everything. The mast stepping was scheduled for Friday, so we had only a few days to clean and find a home for everything below decks. We spent many long nights scrubbing, replacing equipment, and preparing for our short trip across the bay to our new home on the Manatee River.

The mast was stepped without incident, and by Sunday afternoon we were headed out. The weather was a little blustery, and our depth sounder wasn't providing accurate readings, so we opted to motor the entire way.

Ugly Cat
~ Ugly Cat ~
A Little Surprise
We'd packed everything we were bringing from the house, into the boat. When we began to unpack, we were surprised with a 'gift' snuck into the boxes.

Several years ago, Don's sister received a handmade stuffed cat as a Christmas present. Don carried on about how ugly he thought the cat was, and it became a running gag to inconspicuously leave the 'Ugly Cat' at each other's house.