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About Our Journey
Becoming Re Metau
Don on the Anna Maria Island Beach
~ Don on the Anna Maria Island Beach ~
Sailing Down the Highway
Hanging Out in Mystic, Connecticut
Don was scheduled to fly home with Halley the cat on Sunday afternoon. The trucker was to arrive for the pick-up that morning, but showed up a day late. They were very good about keeping us informed so we were feeling better about our choice. Mom and dad had also planned to leave on Sunday as well, but decided to stick around. Mystic Seaport was a great way to pass the time.
Our Boat on the Truck
~ Our Boat on the Truck ~
So Much for Schedules
Don and Halley the cat arrived in Florida safe and sound, and all that was left to do was wait for the arrival of our ship. Arrangements had been made for unloading the boat, stepping the mast and launching on Tuesday, but the day delay made that schedule unlikely.

We received word late Monday that Maryland required an escort and stopped our delivery until the next morning. Another day's delay meant we would not make the launch, and rescheduling meant we would have to wait for the following week. What do you do with an 18,500 lb. ship when it's not in the water? Get out the check book was all I kept thinking.

Thankfully, our trucker was from Orlando. He was happy to store the boat on the trailer, parked in a guarded lot – no charge. It gave him some time to spend at home.