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About Our Journey
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Together Again
Rod & Reel Pier
~ Rod & Reel Pier ~
Rough Ride
Don got an offer to work remotely for a company in Canada, and prepared to come down a month later. But when he turned in his two week's notice, his company was not willing to let him go. So he is now working remotely for them!

By mid August, he made the long drive down, but not without complications. First there was the flat tire, deep in the middle of nowhere West Virginia. He had to remove the bikes from the bike rack, and unpack his stuffed trunk to get to the spare. And of course he then had to pack everything back up once the tire was changed.

He was forced to spend the night in order to get a new tire the next morning. He again had to remove everything from the trunk to get to the rim, and then again remove it to replace the spare. Once he returned to the highway, events didn't get any better.

Don & Diana Onboard
~ Don & Diana Onboard ~

He ended up running over a large bolt that flipped up and jammed into his wheel well. Unable to remove it by hand, he again had to get into his trunk to get some tools out. Meanwhile I am receiving calls from him updating me on his poor progress. Mind you I had been waiting for him for a month and the anticipation was excruciating.

Finally, he called to tell me he was 140 miles away. I had planned on making a special 'Welcome Home' meal and headed out to the grocery store. But 30 minutes later, my phone rang again. His car had completely died, and he was stranded on the highway. A bad alternator killed his battery and our long awaited reunion had to take place on the side of I75.

But we were finally together again!