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In the 80s, after being introduced to the concept of living aboard a small sailboat and cruising around the world, Diana maintained that dream as a life for herself – for over 2 decades. But there was never a desire to go solo; sharing the adventure was always a key factor and that opportunity was a long time coming to fruition.

Prior to meeting Diana, the concept of cruising and living aboard a small ship was unknown to Don. But the horror of September 11th, 2001 had affected in him a desire to live a life that was more meaningful, more extraordinary than his current 9 to 5 cubical allowed. He remembered his Navy days fondly – that immense ocean and those exciting ports of call.

Just at the point when Diana was opening a new chapter to her life, Don stepped in to her story. During a conversation she casually mentioned her cruising goal and a spark went off in Don.

"How do you…? What do you…? Where can you…?" he peppered her with questions.

Her dream answered his desire and his want fulfilled the missing piece to her ambition. In 2007, Don and Diana were married in Re Metau's cockpit, concluding the ceremony with a rising full moon and a pastel splashed sunset. The honeymoon has never ended.

Captain Don Reynolds
~ Captain Don Reynolds ~
The Captain – Don Reynolds
Don Reynolds grew up in North Eastern Ohio. He joined the Navy after high school, and served on the aircraft carrier USS America for 2 of his 6 years of service during the Gulf War. While ship board, he traveled to England, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Crete, Greece and the UAE. He fell in love with the ocean and life aboard ship. The remainder of his service took place in Guam, Hawaii, and Japan. He is by nature a philosophical student, and will research in-depth all manner of spirit and human thought.

Don is an avid fisherman who has become quite adept at all manner of the sport, including trolling in deep seas using a Cuban Yo-Yo, diving with a spear gun, snorkeling with a pole spear, lobstering with a tickle-stick and a net, even bagging scallops and conch. Basically, if it's moving in the water – he's going to catch it!

Don is also Re Metau's onboard meteorologist with a keen sense of weather patterns and an innate understanding of the clues shown in the ever-changing skies. His ability and interest in this art has proved invaluable and has kept the entire crew safe and sheltered from many a storm.

The Captain is Re Metau's Social Media point person as well, both keeping the crew up to date on relevant news from friends and family, and sharing Re Metau's where-abouts in a timely manner. Additionally, Don's wonderful sense of humor, openness to adventure, and genuine personality has most often proven to be the impetus for many of the valued friendships formed during Re Metau's travels.

Admiral Diana Reynolds
~ Admiral Diana Reynolds ~
The Admiral – Diana Reynolds
Diana Reynolds also grew up in Ohio and graduated from Malone College. After high school, she traveled to Nicaragua and Guatemala to do volunteer medical work with Amigos de las Americas. Over the years she has traveled throughout the U.S. as well as to England, Scotland, Mexico, the Bahamas, Australia, Canada and Bonaire.

Diana was introduced to sailing in the early 80s, and immediately fell in love with it. She gained eclectic experience in both racing and cruising on many different types and sizes of vessels. She received her PADI open water certification in 2000 and logged her first dive on the Great Barrier Reef. She is an adventurer by nature, and strives to be a traveler rather than a tourist.

Diana is the onboard chef, and truly enjoys learning how to cook the new foods they encounter in their travels. She maintains a passion for eating cleanly and naturally, and has become adept at baking bread, culturing yogurt, making cheeses, and growing fresh herbs and sprouts onboard. Her creative outlets are through sewing the many canvas coverings required to protect Re Metau from the elements, as well as macramé and knotting to maintain nautical traditions in the practical utility of her creations. Additionally, she is the key photographer and sole author of this website.

First Mate Neptune
~ First Mate Neptune ~
First Mate Neptune
Neptune was rescued from a shelter at the age of 1, and was promptly promoted to First Mate. Both Don and Diana shared their lives with many animals over the years, and in an effort to remind them of the cosmos in which we live, Diana began giving the pets astronomical names. Being ship-board, she thought it important that their feline's name have nautical significance as well, and thus the perfect union of sky and sea – Neptune.

The little grey tiger grew into a big, strong crew member with lots of personality and intelligence. Unlike many of his species, he's learned to follow orders, and has been very welcoming to all other cruisers and their accompanying four-legged companions that have either been invited to his ship, or are docked nearby. He is so smart that there are several occasions in which he can be credited with warning the crew of an impending disaster.

Neptune enjoys tuna scraps, keeping watch at the helm, catching critters such as lizards and bugs, and observing the fish swimming around the hull. During his playful moods, he will hide under the pillows and call to the Captain, or stand in the shower and meowl (a kitty howl of sorts) at the top of his lungs, enjoying the echo of his song. He has proven to be a very strong swimmer and has rescued himself 7 of the 10 times he's misjudged a disembarking, though his dislike of getting wet remains strong.

He's become such a beloved crew member, that Diana began to do a little blogging for him so that he could tell his tail (pun intended) about being a cruising kitty.

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