Conch Life in the Florida Keys
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Conch LifeLabor Day at Looe Key
September 2009

At the point in life when it becomes noticeable time is fleeting, our maturity tends to encumbered us with reluctance and caution, behaviors that can impede precious experiences like new friendships. Occasionally, some people enter your life and manage to return you to your youthful candor. In the blink of an eye you transform from perfect strangers to fast friends.

Having discovered many a kindred spirit on the heels of a departure, Don and I learned that as cruisers, we must be more open and outgoing when meeting new acquaintances. Thus we met Dave and Trisha, a couple like us who relinquished the belief that life is all about material rewards, and choose instead to live simply and relish the journey.

This adventurous couple broke away from their conventional life in Minnesota, moved into an RV and took to the road. They landed in Marathon where they found their bliss. Dave was a gentle giant of a man with an easy laugh and smiling eyes. Trisha was a talented, bubbly woman who was open to all that life had to offer.

One long Labor Day weekend brought a perfect opportunity to take these two wonderful friends along for a sail to Looe Key, one of the most beautiful reefs in the Florida Keys. We set sail on Sunday, with plans to spend the night on a mooring ball. Shortly after returning from our little holiday on the water, Trisha was inspired to write the following poem which so creatively conveys all the fun and laughter we shared on our adventure.

Thank you both for the great memories, and a special thanks to Trisha for capturing them into words.

Ode to Looe Key by Trisha Gilson

Dave and Trisha Gilson at Looe Key
~ Dave and Trisha ~

With a snap of the sails, we were well on our way
to have an adventure as someone did say.
The sea was a rumbling; the waves were quite high,
we continued on with the cloud ridden sky.

Looe Key was where our destination would be,
to dive on the reef and fish we would see.
The cat started yowling and soon there was drool
and under his chin it started to pool.

I felt bad for the fella he’d lost all his lunch,
not only one time but more like a bunch.
We soon reached the reef, hooked up to the ball,
one hand on the boat so as not to fall.

The sea was a rocking wash machine style;
I think maybe I’ll sit down for a while.
Put on your fins, then grab your mask,
"Just how bad is the current?" I ask.

Jump on in, oh what a sight,
the coral, the fish, I want to do this at night.
Watch out for the jelly fish that’s a sure thing,
if you don’t they will pack quite a sting.

Getting back on the boat was a challenge for sure;
the waves were making everything churn.
A lovely dinner we had by the light of the moon,
sang a few songs, we’d be sleeping soon.

Diana Reynolds at the Helm of Re Metau
~ Diana at the Helm ~
Dave Diving with Yellow Tail
~ Dave Swimming with the Yellow Tail Snappers ~
A night on the sea it makes me smile,
but could the boat stop rocking a while?
This is something I heard a man said;
“Don’t worry about it you can sleep when you’re dead.”

After a delicious breakfast it was back to the reef,
a face off with a shark, oh my, good grief!
We saw a big eagle ray, parrot fish and some tang,
the yellow tail snappers we fed the whole gang.

It was time to head home, I didn’t want this to end,
and I can’t wait to do this again.
Thank you Re Metau and the captain and crew,
for all that you are and all that you do.


Copyright © 2015 Diana E Reynolds - SV Re Metau.  All rights reserved.

"Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.." ~ Francesco Guicciardini