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9 Feb 2021
Re Metau Under Sail
~ Re Metau Under Sail ~
Re Metau - Here & Now
Celebrating 16 Years of Living Aboard and Loving It!
Sailing off into the sunset has become the modern day version of running off to the circus. How often I have heard a wistful remark made about this dream, spoken as though it were an unattainable fantasy. Sometimes I hear it stated as a plan for the future – after the kids are grown, after retirement, after the money is saved, after, after, after…

People have many reasons for wanting to move aboard and cruise around the world; the romance of the sea, running away from society, or conquering the untamed ocean. How realistic these motives are often accounts for how successful or disastrous an outcome. For us, the motive was deeply rooted, slowly discovered and based within the core of our beliefs.

Let me introduce you to the life we've begun to live – here and now. We have broken away from the norm, sold off all our material possessions, left dry land, and all the alleged comforts of modern life to move aboard our Hans Christian 33T Re Metau. We both love to sail, so choosing to live aboard was an easy decision. Our primary motive was to return our lives to ourselves.

We believe bliss is in a simpler life, unencumbered by material possessions, and not defined by some traditional profession. We feel a new sense of freedom living in an almost completely self-sustaining setting that affords us the opportunity to pick up and go to whatever destination calls us. We live closer to nature, guided by her phases and rhythms. We aspire to live a life extraordinary, live a life less sedentary, and give life to all our dreams.

Don and Diana Reynolds
~ Don and Diana Reynolds ~
The Big Picture and the Little Details
Lots of web sites and books out there have literally boat loads of information about vessel maintenance, marine engine repair, near death experiences, and adventures fulfilled. When we first started to investigate this life in earnest, we invested in such books and read these websites religiously. But we were often confused and overwhelmed by the details about pumps, 12 volt DC power, navigation and sail handling, all interspersed with nautical jargon to the point where it seemed we were reading an entirely different language. All of this knowledge and detail is important, but believe me – it's far easier to learn it while living it.

We've got some of that sort of information here, but this web site is geared toward those who are not old salts that already know the ropes. It is for anyone wanting to know the big picture and the little everyday details about what it takes to break away from the conventional life this society has dictated to you, and break free – if only a little. You may be interested to find that you have most likely been using some nautical terms and superstitions in your everyday life, but we will try in earnest to use common English (please forgive me fellow sailors), so that you understand that all it takes is focus and motivation. However you found your way to this website, inspiration is the one true objective for its creation.

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